Available Steering Systems from MWM Automation GmbH

For our towable trailers there is a choice of up to three steering modes:

  1. Trailing - front steering wheels and back fixed wheels (drawbar at front)

Cost effective solution where tracking stability has low priority - requires wider corridors.

  1. Reverse-Drawbar - as 1 above but with the drawbar at the rear and the hitch in front (requires tug unit with drawbar at rear)
Cost effective solution where tracking stability has higher priority but travel speeds are limited to 6 km/h.


  1.  SpurTrak™  - all-wheel-steering with turnable drawbar (drawbar at front)

Premium solution for highest tracking stability and travel speeds up to 12 km/h.


The Patented SpurTrak™ system ensures very accurate directional stability. Due to the wheels rotating on their own axis, great load-stability is also achieved. This is ideal for use in tight spaces, travelling at higher speeds or on more uneven ground.