Special Projects

Below you'll find a number of bespoke designs and solutions to satisfy some of our customers specific needs.

Trailers for Wheeled Bins

Examples of trailers for different wheeled bins.

6x 120 litre 2x 240 litre 1x 660 litre
  • Design based on our all-wheel-steer Taxiliner with SpurTrak™ steering.
  • Simply lower the ramps to load/unload the bins into the trailer.
  • Minimal platform height for loading reduces energy expenditure.
  • Many variations and options available.
  • Made of powder coated/galvanised steel tubing.


Transport Rack for Wheeled Bins

Example of a transport rack for up to six 240 litre wheeled bins.

  • Designed to be transported with either a fork lift truck or electric lifter.
  • Bins are pulled onto the rack and the handle is then locked in position for safe transport.
  • Made of powder coated steel tubing.


Special Platform Trailers

One example of a platform trolley with dimensions: 2400x1100mm.

  • Designed to transport various sized pallets and boxes, hence the plywood base.
  • It has an integrated braking and directional locking system operated by a single foot pedal (Patented).
  • Made of powder coated steel tubing.


Special Sequence Trailers

Example of a sequence trailer for batteries.

Example of a sequence trailer for prop-shafts.

  • Designed to carry 12 batteries in sequence for assembly.
  • Batteries are first placed sequentially into the slots, then the trailer is transported to the assembly line where the divider is raised, releasing the batteries for manipulation.
  • Includes a fluid drip-tray.
  • Designed to transport 12 prop-shafts (up to four different types) in sequence for assembly.
  • Extensive use of foam to limit contact and damage to the shafts.
  • Includes transport locking devices.
  • Made of powder coated steel tubing.