Quality can be implemented!

In the field of CNC machining we offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities from our modern milling centre. As well as conventional metal machining we also offer the production of complex high-precision CNC milling of Aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

In addition we can handle your surface finishing and heat treatment needs (for example bronzing, anodizing, hard anodizing, glass bead blasting, painting, powder coating).

We are not just a competent milling partner, we also fully supporting your development needs in the following areas:

  • Development and construction
  • Material and production ready 3D solid and freeform surface designs
  • 2D/3D derivatives and dimensioning
  • Ideation and conceptualisation

Through our many years of experience and activities in CNC milling, we offer in addition a high degree of materials expertise and technology experience. By integrating various technologies and finishing processes we guarantee that every product leaving our factory has been produced under optimal production conditions.

Through the use of CAD / CAM Workstations it is possible to minimise air cuts and optimise approach paths during production, and through simulations to achieve optimised, smooth and collision-free tool paths, thereby optimising processing times and costs.
Prompt proposals, rapid implementation of manufacturing and a seamless transfer of existing data are just a few additional benefits.


We work with the following software:
2D Design: AutoCad
3D Surface and solid modelling: SolidWorks

Preferred file formats:
AutoCad: dwg, dxf
SolidWorks: sldpart

Additional file formats:
Step: Step;stp
Iges: igs

Working from drafts, drawings or briefings we can provide everything from assembly tasks, single parts right through to series production based on the individual needs of our customers.

In order to achieve the best possible utilisation of our 5-axis machining centre, the machine was retrofitted with a zero point clamping system and equipped with a storage and handling system for autonomous loading and unloading.

Through systematic and proactive production planning and organisation, the number of machine operating hours, in particular the unmanned ones, can be increased.

This has the result that we can offer our customers improved calculation in automated manufacturing operations due to lower machine hour rates.

The automation system is equipped with 60 pallets with a 240mm x 190mm size storage space and a gross handling weight of 25 kg.

You too can benefit from automated production, so let us provide you with a quote for your parts to be produced.

Assure yourself of our team and take advantage of our years of experience in the field of CNC milling for your product.