Electric-Drives for Trailers and Trolleys

As the means of conveying material shifts its emphasis from forklift trucks to milk-run systems and trailers, primarily for safety and efficiency, it has become apparent that many of the heavier loads (in excess of 500kg) are very difficult to manoeuvre by hand. There are two main issues at play here:

  1. It is very difficult to control the driving direction of a loaded trolley which has four swivel caster wheels. 
  2. Changing direction of a loaded trailer or trolley is often very difficult due to the rolling/turning resistance of the swivel casters. Softer wheels (rubber or polyurethane), which have good driving/towing properties, unfortunately exaggerate this problem. 

One possible solution, to enhance the ergonomics for both situations, is to add an electric drive system.

MWM Automation GmbH can offer two different alternative solutions that not only enhance the ergonomics but also increase the efficiency of the system (due to reduced sick days). The result is an ergonomic solution operated by a single person. 

Alternative 1: "E-Trailer" – Blickle EA1

Concept: This is a modular electric drive system from Blickle for different trailers and trolleys with 2x swivel casters and 2x fixed wheels, where the fixed wheels are substituted for the electric motors.
  • Two strong 55daN drive motors with high thrust enable movement of loads up to 2,000kg gross weight.

  • Two operating speeds (selectable) up to 4 km/h possible.

  • For use both inside and outside (IP44 protection).

  • Easy operable Cockpit including proportional joystick, on-button, speed selector, emergency switch, crush protection button, horn, key and battery display.

  • Battery unit: modern Li-Ion-battery Technology, 24V 22Ah.

  • Option: Recharging of the battery while under tow via recuperation.

  • CE-Conformity.

Alternative 2: "Trailer-with-E" – 5th wheel

Concept: Designed for trailers and trolleys with 2x swivel casters and 2x fixed wheels or 4x swivel casters where a 5th "electric Drive" wheel is added. The electric drive wheel is only pushed onto the floor when drive is required, otherwise it is raised about 40mm above the floor and is switched off.
  • The drive system enable movement of loads up to 1,000kg gross weight.

  • Advantages of the 5th wheel system:

1. By not having the drive motor on the ground, higher travel speeds when in tow are possible.
2. Sideways manoeuvring of trolleys with four swivel casters.
3. Increased life of the drive wheel.

  • Operating speed up to 2 km/h possible.

  • Easy operable controls including proportional joystick, on-button, emergency/crush protection button and battery display on the handlebar.

  • Battery unit: Industrial grade lead-gel batteries 24V 22Ah, for durability and lower cost replacement.

  • Option: Recharging of the batteries while under tow via Dynamo.

  • CE-Conformity.


For both drive systems, we can offer the following solutions:

a. Complete solution: Trailer/Trolley with electric drive system

We develop and manufacture the trailer or trolley to your specific requirements and integrate the drive system from the beginning.

b.  Retrofit solution: electric drive system for existing trailer/trolley

You supply us with an existing trailer or trolley and we retrofit the electric drive system into it. An example of which can be seen to the left.


Make use of our competence and know-how in this area of electric-drives for milk-run systems. This in combination with our individual adaptation possibilities ensures you the customer get the right solution, which is in motion!